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Best Digital Parenting Apps For Android Users

Best digital parenting apps

Android cell phones and gadgets is a reality that everyone has accepted wholeheartedly. The reason behind people is using the Android smartphones, tablets, and pads because of its bundle of features and user-friendly interface. Therefore, you may have seen kids, tweens, teens, and adults are using the Android gadgets no time ever before.

Have you really noticed that what they really do on the android devices? Have you seen teens sticking with their cell phones for such long time and gazing at their phone screen? Obviously, there is something that fascinates the user about android devices when connected to the internet. However, the majority of the teens use android and the social media apps to the fullest.

They do multiple activities such as text messages, phone calls, shared photos and videos, audio and video calls and Voice messages. Everything seems interesting, entertaining and fascinating, then why parents are looking forward to having digital parenting apps for android.

Why parents need digital parenting apps for android?

Digital parenting has over the years has become the essential part of parenting. Without it, it is impossible for parents to give them a bright and safe future. The digital nightmares are on the rise and young kids and teens are continuously encountering with young kids and teens on all the trendy social media apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Viber, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. Teens may come across with the stalkers, cyber bullies, child abusers and others. Therefore, parents have to have best android apps for digital parenting. Today we are going to guide you to top three digital parenting apps for android.

TheOneSpy parental control for Android


It is undoubtedly the best cell phone spy app for android parents have ever come across with. Android monitoring app has hundreds of features that allow parents to spy on the target cell phone device to the fullest. Similar to the Android cell phone, android spy app has a user-friendly interface that enables parents to spy on the target cell phone device of Android easily.

Parents can use the number of contemporary features for the effective piece of digital parenting such as text messages spy, secret call recorder, IM’s social media, live screen recording, TOS spy 360, browsing history, read emails, screenshots remotely, android phone controller, GPS location tracking, and many others.

Parents can easily perform digital parenting with all these features and can put their worries to rest. Furthermore, the android surveillance app has easy installation process, but physical access is necessary. However, when it comes to the price, android spy app is one of the reasonable android monitoring spyware.

Kids –Place parental control for android

I would like to say just one word for this particular android parental control is “Great” parents can use the parental control Spyware for android without any hesitation. Because, it provides the power to prevent the download inappropriate new apps, making phone calls on Android, to send text messages and to block the apps to purchase on the target android device.  If your children are used to of playing games online, then you can block the games to prevent waste of times. You can employee the kids – the place for monitoring of Android smartphone. The app for the android cell phone is very cheap in price, but the problem lies in it when it comes to its features. It lacks with the features that can spy on the target cell phone of Android to the fullest.

MSpy android parental control for android

It is best of the best parenting app for android. Parents can use it to keep an eye on all the activities happen on the kid’s cell phone running with the Android operating system. The android surveillance software has plenty of features for parenting such as you use spy on text messages to track sent or received messages, listen to the calls on the Android phone in real-time, IM’s social media monitoring, to view the browsing history, email tracking, phone bug, capture screenshots of the target android cell phone screen, view multimedia files such as photos and videos has shared on the social media apps.


All above mentioned parental control apps are best in the parenting, but I would like to choose best of the best when it comes to the features, reasonable price, customer support, packages and last but not the least user-friendly interface. I would prefer over than all, TheOneSpy parental control app for Android.

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