Best Instagram Widgets for Every Business Website

Social media platforms have become every brand and marketers’ first choice to market their products and services. This led to an explosion in the popularity levels of social media marketing.

Speaking of social media platforms, we just cannot overlook the significance and stunning presence of visual-dominated platforms like Instagram. With more than 500 million daily active users, this platform has become a giant pool of amazing content that can prove to be of extreme relevance for brands and their marketing efforts.

This can be done when brands embed Instagram feeds into their websites. Embedding has emerged to become one of the most popular marketing strategies amongst businesses as it helps them to connect better with their potential customers and increase their conversion possibilities.

We are sure you must be wondering how to go about the process. Embedding Instagram feeds on the website can be done using an appropriate tool. Even though there are innumerable tools available on the internet, it is mandatory to pick the best fit.

Best Instagram feed embedding tools

1.  Taggbox Widget

First up on the list is the Taggbox Widget which is a leading social media aggregation platform that lets the users aggregate, curate, and embed social media content from over 15+ platforms including Instagram.

After aggregating the content from the preferred source in the form of an Instagram widget, the users may use the features of the tool to increase its impact and effectiveness.

Users can leverage the customization options of the platform to make it more visually appealing. They can select from a wide range of options like fonts, templates, layouts, etc.

Using the content moderation panel, the users can monitor the content before making it live on the website. The profanity filter removes any unwanted content from the widget. Additionally, the users can use analytics to track the performance of the Instagram widget.

They can get insights into details like overall impressions, clicks, etc. The robust back support team of Taggbox lets the users take assistance if they come across an issue while using the platform.

2.  Official Embedding Option By Instagram

For those unaware, Instagram itself offers its users the option to embed content from the platform to their website. The process is extremely simple and can be completed by clicking on the embed option and copying the embed code.

Users can paste the embed code in the back of the website where they wish to display the feeds to complete the process. The major drawback is that the users can embed one post at a time and this makes it extremely time-consuming and tedious.

On the other hand, the other tools mentioned enable the users to collect unlimited feeds in one go.

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3.  Light Widget

Another great tool to embed Instagram feeds on the website is the Light widget. This tool offers various customization options to upscale the performance of the Instagram widget.

Users can make the content more visually appealing by adding visuals, formatting it differently, and adding effects. Even though the free version of the tool has an integration with major website building platforms, you can increase the choice by upgrading to the pro version of the platform.

4.  Snap Widget

Snap widget is another Instagram tool that enables users to aggregate content from Instagram using specific hashtags and usernames. This responsive tool is extremely easy to use.

The tool makes the embedding process extremely simple.

The users need to copy the HTML code and paste it into the backend of the website where they wish to display the Instagram feeds. The users have the option to showcase live photos.

Best Pros of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Your Website

We are close to the conclusion section of the blog and if you are wondering about how this strategy would help your business, then here’s a quick look.

  • Improve the appearance of your website with stunning Instagram visuals
  • Boost the engagement of your website visitors
  • Keep your visitors hooked and increase their engagement
  • Build a social proof of your brand
  • Grow your Instagram followers
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your website
  • Grow your conversions and sales

Closing Note

And we are calling it a wrap and you are now aware of Instagram widgets, the best tools to embed an Instagram widget, and how this strategy can help you grow your business.

Embedding Instagram feeds on the website is a strategy that is highly used by brands to enjoy their benefits and take their brand to a whole new level.

Now that you know it all, get going!

Choose the best Instagram widget tool that deems fit for your brand’s growth and watch your brand take off!

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