Best Logo Designers: Create Professional Logo in Minutes

In the process of contacting new media, the first thing we need to determine is our own content positioning. So, creating a refined, clear, and easily remembered logo is very important for future branding. If you don’t want to turn to a design company that will cost you a pretty penny, take a look at those 3 logo maker sites that I will recommend for you today.

1- Freelogodesign

All you need to do is enter your company name and industry attributes to generate a logo with one click. It is worth mentioning that the site generated a wide range of logo color elements, suitable for art or niche business culture brands.

The clean interface makes it easy to edit, so you can easily customize a logo from its menu. Of course, if you are not satisfied, you can hire their team to create a custom-made logo for you. But it will cost you $199 to get your final logo.

2- Brandmark

If you feel that a one-click generation of the logo still does not meet your needs, then this site may be more suitable for you. Brandmark uses a technique similar to font vectors to quantify the icons and fonts in the logo, thereby helping you generate a more accurate logo design pattern with AI technology.

The first step is to enter a name, and a simple introduction should be typed in the box below.

The system’s algorithm-based depth matching for color should be used to conduct your personal aesthetic learning.

The results that come out are comfortable, especially the combination of fonts and colors, which makes people shine. At the same time, I also lamented the application of AI technology in design, so that people who have not been exposed to the design can easily get started.

Next, we can choose one of your favorite logos for more precise modifications, and colors, fonts, and icons can all be adjusted. Brandmark has three pricing options that are priced per design. The Basic plan costs $25, the Designer plan costs $65, and the Enterprise plan costs $175. 

3- DesignEvo

At last, let’s take a look at an easy-to-use logo designer named DesignEvo now. After you click the “make a free logo” button, there will be 9000+ logo templates for just adding your own basic information. After entering the company name and slogan, you will customize the template with a drag & drop user interface.

At this point, you can modify the icons, texts, shapes, background, and related properties of the images, and text fonts according to your preferences, and then click Download to generate the final results.

It’s to be observed that DesignEvo also allows you to preview and help you check if the logo is suitable for different platform requirements.

Unfortunately, in the end, you need to pay for the download and use. Of course, you can go to the PS to follow suit according to the sample. Whether it is color, icon search, or font download, these can be obtained free of charge.

Anyway, no matter how small, the individual always needs the logo. Why not use these 3 easy-to-use online logo makers to choose your company logo? If you have any other easy-to-use logo makers, you can leave a comment below to tell me what your favorite tool is.