Top 3 Best Spy Apps to Monitor Employees and Kids

Looking for ways to monitor your child and employee’s activities online without rousing any sort of suspicion? Using these 3 smartphone spy applications, smart monitoring solutions is just a few clicks away.

Rated as some of the best application the spy app industry has to offer, these apps can without a doubt help you keep a close digital eye on not only your kids but your employees as well and ensure that both you’re business and personal interests are safe at all times.

1. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy cell phone spying is one of the best spy applications in the field at the moment. With features like GPS tracking, camera and microphone bugging, Listening in on live calls and the provision of regular and real-time call and SMS logs makes it without a doubt a forerunner in the spy app industry.

With the ability to access the data stored on the target device remotely once it has been programmed onto the target device, it stores all the data required by the user of the spy app onto a user-customizable account online so that the user can keep a close digital eye on the user of the target device.

Apart from a GPS tracker that can provide you with the real-time location of the target device along with your child or the employee that has been using it, bugs can also let you know the company your person of interest keeps and what do they talk about.

It also keeps an eye on your child’s or employee’s online browsing activity to ensure that the unadulterated access to the internet they have been provided with is not being abused. On cellular devices, it is capable of letting your control the apps being installed on the target device as well as block the websites you think are inappropriate but also allow you to keep a very close eye on various social media profiles that they use. Plus it works on all kinds of smartphones, including Blackberry, and allows you to switch through multiple devices at your will.

2. Mobistealth

If your employee or your child is in possession of a smartphone that is not compatible with most spy applications available then do not worry one bit because when all spy apps fail,

Mobistealth is here to the rescue. Its delectable services are available on almost all cellular devices available. Additionally, the devices associated can be monitored by both Windows and Mac OS-based laptops and computers.

It also provides its users with an exclusive keylogging application that allows them to monitor every keystroke made by the user of the target device and records it. Additionally, it also provides its user with features like real-time GPS-based Geolocation of both the user and the target device along with many other unique and amazing features such as the possibility of recording calls and then streaming them later as well as a chance to browse through media files and gallery images stored on the target device.

Not only are all these features amazing in themselves but the deals and packages Mobistealth offers are extraordinary as well.

3. Qustodio

Again, Qustodio is another app that comes with a large number of features. Along with the common features like GPS tracker, Bugs, ability to look through calls and texts as well as provide the user with detailed calls and text logs,

it can help you monitor both your child’s and employee’s activities online as well as keep an eye on them. Features exclusive to Qustodio include the “SafeSearch” option that blocks inappropriate keywords as well as a monitoring chart that shows the activity of the user of the target device. Plus, the panic button feature can alert parents immediately that their child is in danger if they press it.

It is compatible with almost all smartphones available today as well as allows you to monitor multiple devices simultaneously.

You can get to know more about these apps and their features by visiting the official websites of their vendors. It will also be a good idea to read customer reviews posted by parents, employers, and other people who have used these apps just to make sure you are investing your hard-earned money in the right product.