Best Tools for Android App Development

In the world of flagship smartphones, the app development business has also surpassed ordinary business statistics. According to a recent survey, there are about 3.48 million apps available on the google play store. Not only this, the Apple app store has got 2.22 million (rough estimation) apps on its bucket. One can easily take an account of the growing utility of applications over both of the domains, i.e. Android & iOS.

One more thing that has made an impact in the world of application blooming in the Android era. As we have just noticed, android apps have taken the largest segment of app development and publishing. Similarly, it has extended many opportunities for android app developers. So, today we will acknowledge a few tools that these developers utilize to obtain the best app possible.

Best Tools Utilized In Android App Development

The construction of any app is possible with the help of top-notch technologies meant for development only. The utilization of these tools is only possible when you hire android app developers. Some tools require specific expertise in utilizing them and some need dedication & years of experience. So, let’s take out a glance over some of the trending tools of all time.

1. Android Studio

Nothing makes sense when it comes to android app development and not talking of Android Studio. It is the fundamental unit of building an app for the android platform. The studio was created by the tech giant Google itself back in 2013. Even the full-stack android developer considers this tool as the standard software for app development. Supported by Google and a large community of developers, what else to demand from this tool.

2. Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Android Debug Bridge, popularly abbreviated as ADB, is the subsidiary unit of android studio. It acts as the line of communication between android devices and other computers or connected devices. The developer utilizes the platform for QA and testing purposes. Simultaneously, it allows any developer to connect their android devices with their computer and perform necessary changes to both devices.

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3. Eclipse

The next android development tool is Eclipse. Before the days of android studio, Eclipse was the main tool for android app creation. At present, Google has neglected the software, but some developers still prefer this tool in the development of applications. The tool is treated as the best need when it comes to cross-platform app creation. Simultaneously, it is host to many programming languages. Thus, the eclipse is utilized for android app development companies.

4. Fabric

Next to hit the Android app tool list is Fabric. Do not consider it as a clothing thing. It is related to the app development process. It has a great record as many big names like Twitter, Uber, Spotify, etc. have utilized it for their app creation. Moreover, it was purchased by Google back in January 2017. It offers utility kits to the developers for specific purposes like testing, marketing, and advertising, etc. It makes sure your apps turn out to be user-friendly as well as fit right into the market.

5. Android SDK

It is among the top-rated android app development tools. It is used for building a huge number of applications. It also contains IDE with several attributes to write, optimize, and test code bases. On a whole, it is the best tool to develop android apps with full functionality. Moreover, the tool offers various kits required for constructing an app for android users.

6. Unity 3D

One of the team players of a popular android app development tool is Unity 3D. It is meant to develop high-definition 3D games on the android platform. It carries a combined advancement circumstance for building 2D and 3D games with functionalities like predictable illustrations, high-quality formats, natural scenes, etc. It is majorly used for building computer games for work, comforts, smartphones, and even for websites.

Final Words:

So this was the list of best tools for android app development. Many entrepreneurs these days hire android programmers to operate on these tools and develop some flawless mobile applications. There are many tools like FlowUp, Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager, and others to give a flawless app development experience to the developer.


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