Facebook spy app for Android | Track FB Chat & Screen

Facebook spy app

People these days are desperate to Record & Track Facebook messenger and screen activities for a variety of reasons. Facebook spy app feature can help you. Employers in general and parents, in particular, want to monitor and get access to the messenger activities on the cellphone screen of employers and kids respectively. There are plenty … Read more

Top 5 Social Media Spying Apps

Top 5 Social Media Spyin Apps

Social media plays a substantial role in the lives of post-millennial generation teens and tweens. The researchers indicate their excessive social media use that exceeds up to nine hours a day. However, there are many other reliable and efficient ways to protect kids from bullies and predators. One of those ways is the use of … Read more

Tips you Should Know When Designing a Financial Mobile App

Designing a Financial Mobile App

Financial services firms are increasingly developing apps to target an expanding number of mobile users. According to Banc Alliance Consulting, there were more than 1 billion smartphones worldwide in 2014, and the use of smartphones is increasing at a rate of 20% per year.  A significant portion of the market share has gone to Apple’s … Read more

Group Video Call API: Increases customer retention & engagement on your Mobile & Web Apps

Video Group Calling API

An Introduction to Group Video Call App In recent years, video calls have become an intrinsic part of our daily communication, especially with businesses across the globe adopting video calling for various meetings and team discussions. In such a scenario, the primary need of companies is to keep their teams interactive on these calls, as … Read more

Chat SDK vs. Building a Complete Chat App

Chat SDK vs. Building a Complete Chat App

The pandemic situation worldwide has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted. The shift towards virtual business operations is accelerating every passing day.  Given the present digital age, strong communication capabilities are the key to winning clients.  With messaging platforms and chat applications gaining importance at a rapid pace, businesses are focusing on messaging systems more … Read more

10 Surprising Industries That Should Have Mobile and TV OTT Apps

A Comprehensive list of industries that could benefit from Mobile & TV Apps OTT- the contemporary content delivery service has redefined the tenets of digital consumption by diverting traditional distribution practices through the hi-speed internet revolution. OTT platforms have found a new expression in the form of apps that bring high-quality content streaming at the … Read more

Top 12 Best Email Apps for Android in 2022

Best Free Email Apps for Android

Inbox file through Fluent says that 3 in every five people check their email in the past (mobile), while 75% of human beings use their smartphones to test their emails. So it’s not a wonder that the app stores are brimming with Android best email apps supplying stock e-mail customer replacements and customization options to … Read more