Why Your Kids Should Be Using Volume Limited Headphones

Using Volume Limited Headphones

Nowadays, many parents are worried about their kids while using headphones with high volume. So, they are suggesting their children use the volume limited earpiece while listening to watch videos or music on tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. However, these headphones have certain volume adjustments that are set to go no longer than 25 decibels. … Read more

The dark side of social media: How to protect teens?

dark side of social media: protect teens

Social media platforms are on the rise and over the years it has penetrated into the user’s blood. Now you can see people using cell phones connected to the internet and staring at the screens and seems like zombies. The dark side of social media has put youngsters in real danger. For a decade we … Read more

TheOneSpy Parental Control and Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy parental control and monitoring software for mobiles are the best in business. It has plenty of features that help a user to use it for parenting purposes and for business as well. Parents can use the application in order to spy on the activities of young kids and teens which they perform on Android … Read more

Benefits of Technology on Parenting

Benefits of Technology on Parenting

Parenting is one of the most important elements in the mother or a father’s life. Parents have to do parenting in order to provide children with a friendly environment and to let them learn the roles of life to meet daily life challenges.  However, it has been decades now digital parenting has been converted into … Read more

How to protect kid’s privacy online?

protect kid’s privacy online

The young generation undoubtedly is known as the generation of cell phone gadgets. You may have seen kids using mobile phones all day long and connected the cyberspace. Spending time with friends on playgrounds and having a chit-chat in real-life with friends has been decreased as compared to their past generations. However, these sorts of … Read more