Tips you Should Know When Designing a Financial Mobile App

Designing a Financial Mobile App

Financial services firms are increasingly developing apps to target an expanding number of mobile users. According to Banc Alliance Consulting, there were more than 1 billion smartphones worldwide in 2014, and the use of smartphones is increasing at a rate of 20% per year.  A significant portion of the market share has gone to Apple’s … Read more

Chat SDK vs. Building a Complete Chat App

Chat SDK vs. Building a Complete Chat App

The pandemic situation worldwide has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted. The shift towards virtual business operations is accelerating every passing day.  Given the present digital age, strong communication capabilities are the key to winning clients.  With messaging platforms and chat applications gaining importance at a rapid pace, businesses are focusing on messaging systems more … Read more

The Difference between UX and UI Design

Difference Between UX And UI Design

We’ve all seen discussions strolling the fashionable streets of the tech capitals of the world, conversations about the incomparable “UX” of an element, or the poor “user interface” of a site. Is it a vague language that you will never recognize? Are these people just slang to look fabulous? Alright, presumably yes to the last … Read more

Top 5 benefits of QR code Queue system

QR code Queue system

Messy queues, long waitings, bad customer experience, poor services all these challenges faced by businesses and staff sensed the necessity of having a queue solution. Drawbacks of having physical queues at your business : longer waiting periods. The decline in staff productivity and efficiency. Poor communication. Poor customer experience. Bad feedbacks and no word of … Read more

Vital Guide to Let You Know All About BPO Service

Vital Guide to Let You Know All About BPO Service

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It denotes setting a business task carried out by an outside agency. Most Often Call Centers and BPO service is used correspondently but they are not the same. Call Centre companies resolve customer’s queries by attending Phone calls. However, BPO Companies are focused on performing back or front office … Read more

Virtual Events Tips for Success Using Technology

Virtual Events Using Technology

Virtual Events are a great way to increase brand exposure for your business in an exciting and cutting-edge way. If you own or operate a business and are looking for ways to increase traffic and build relationships with potential customers, then consider the power of virtual events. Real events allow your company to exhibit at … Read more

How can you set up your own VPN server?

set up your own VPN server

If you want to maximize your network privacy, you can create your own VPN server and perform your internet roaming through this network. Here is the answer to the question of how to set up a personal VPN server and the steps you should follow. What is a VPN, is it safe? As we mentioned in … Read more