Monitor what kids are into Digital Devices Infographic

Gone are the days when kids play in playgrounds. Nowadays, they have become tech-savvy more than their parents.

 Do you know why? They own a cellphone and other devices or parents have bought a cellphone and internet connection for them.

It is interesting to see when kids spend hours and hours on a screen, but parents want to monitor what kids are into it.  Online predators are everywhere on the web and they try to trap young children via social networks and chat rooms. Teens are more likely to spend time on websites to watch and share nudes.

They also interact with strangers and try to meet them in person. TheOneSpy app is a parental control application designed for the digital safety of children.

It has classified age groups into little kids, preschoolers, big kids, tweens, and teens. Parental monitoring software has designed an infographic that describes the online vulnerabilities of children and suggests monitoring solutions concerning the age groups of the children.

Teens are dating online, getting involved in drug abuse, and browsing adult content on their mobile phone screens. This app has offered powerful features, like screen-time, screenshots, keystrokes, location tracking, VoIP call recording, and filter websites. Using these feartures you can spy snapchat and all other social media apps without rooting the devices.

Every feature of TOS is result-oriented and offers state-of-the-art services to safeguard kids online. Parents can install the parental monitoring solution on their little kids to protect them from online predators.

 You can block websites, incoming calls, and text messages and track the hidden whereabouts of the children without them knowing. Parents can record and listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls and track location history in real-time.

 You can take over cellphones to bug microphones and cameras to watch and listen to the surroundings. TOS is the no.1 Parental control software to monitor kids and what they are into it.

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