mSpy Review: The Best Cell Phone Tracker for iOS and Android

Modern technologies give people numerous possibilities to work, study, have fun, and stay in touch. The Internet is overwhelmed with various kinds of information and it’s getting pretty difficult to identify what’s true and what’s not. 

It means that your loved ones can run into something they shouldn’t see or befriend someone you don’t like. So, being aware of what your partner or child is up to on the Internet is vitally important. A proven way to know more about someone else’s activity is by installing an iOS or Android spy app, such as mSpy. 

In this article, you’ll find out what the mSpy™ parental control app can do and how you can use it without them knowing. 

What is mSpy™?

mSpy™ is considering a cell phone tracker app that is used to protect your loved ones. It makes sure you about the online activities of targeted devices. This app ensures you regarding the messages, calls detect the social media apps and their activities. it is one of the important things is its hidden monitoring for digital devices. mSpy™ is determined as authentic and reliable software. Parents find the best solution for the protection of their kids. It is the best way to find all online activities and detect the dangers. this app is popular for exposing cheating spouses, parents, or employers.

Why Use mSpy™: Top Features Overview

Most Android spy apps offer the standard list of monitoring features. They usually can track calls, text messages, emails, and, sometimes, locations. However, with mSpy™, you get a full list of tracking possibilities to gain insight into someone else’s online activity. 

Android Keylogger 

If you’re in dire need to know what someone else types on their smartphone, mSpy™ can come in handy. The app makes it possible to intercept keyboard strokes on a target phone remotely by using a Keylogger. 

It means that you can find out what a target person types in their search queries and text messages. What’s more, mSpy’s Keylogger allows intercepting login credentials on a target Android device. 

Text Messages and SMS Spy

Did you know you can read any messages sent or received by a target person? mSpy™ allows you to track their SMSs, iMessages, and social media chats. You can perform a secret Instagram spy or find out who texts your loved one on Snapchat or Tinder. 

GPS Tracker and Geofencing

Tracking another person’s location can be insightful if you think they’re in trouble or suspect that they hide something from you. With mSpy™, you can check out their actual whereabouts and view the date and time stamps of recently visited places. 

What’s more, you can set restricted areas on the map and get alerts when a target person lives or enters the preset zones.

WhatsApp Online Tracker

If you suspect that your loved one communicates with someone suspicious on WhatsApp, you can monitor their activity with mSpy™. This comprehensive WhatsApp tracker will give you a full insight into another person’s correspondence. 

With mSpy™, you can monitor someone’s WhatsApp text messages, view their multimedia files, and browse group chats right from your phone or tablet. 

Facebook Spy

If you seek an advanced Facebook messenger spy app, mSpy™ is your perfect match. The app allows viewing someone’s photos and videos shared via Facebook Messenger and reading their chats and messages. 

mSpy Screen Recorder

Recording someone else’s cell phone screen is a good idea to know what they are up to. With mSpy’s Screenrecorder, you can do it anytime right from your smartphone. All records are saved to your user dashboard. 

Affordable Solution for Various Needs: Price and Refund Policy

mSpy™ is a flexible solution that offers various pricing plans depending on your needs. They offer Premium packages for 1-12 months:

  • 1 Month – $48.99/mo*
  • 3 Months – $27.99/mo*
  • 12 Months – $11.66/mo*

Note that the longer you’re planning to use mSpy™, the cheaper it will cost you.  

mSpy™ supports the following payment methods so far:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Sofort
  • Boleto Bancario
  • iDeal

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install mSpy™ on a Target Device?

mSpy™ is compatible with most Android and iOS-operated devices. However, the installation process differs depending on a target device’s OS and the necessity to root/jailbreak it.

Is mSpy™ installation user-friendly?

mSpy™ is created for ordinary people who don’t have strong technical skills. It’s absolutely user-friendly and easy to install. What’s more, you can request special assistance from mSpy’s support team to get the app installed remotely. 

How long does the mSpy™ installation usually take?

In most cases, it takes up to 10 minutes to set up mSpy™. If you’re familiar with such apps, it will take you even less time. 

How to install mSpy™ on iOS?

If you need an iPhone spy solution, simply install mSpy™ on a target iOS-operated device. Make sure you know its Apple ID and password:

1- Sign up with
2- Purchase a subscription. Note that some features require that you jailbreak a target iPhone.
3- Access the needed iPhone, type in its iCloud credentials, and enable the iCloud backup. 
4- Install mSpy™.

How to install mSpy™ on Android?

Setting up the app to spy on Android devices is easy. Just follow these steps:

1- Sign up with 
2- Purchase a subscription. Note that some features require that you root a target phone.
3- Access a target device and disable Play Protect.
4- Download the mSpy installer.
5- Set up the app.

What happens after the purchase?

When you buy the needed subscription, you’ll be emailed a confirmation of your purchase. They will also send your login credentials and detailed installation instructions to your mailbox. That’s why you need to use a valid email address when you create an account with mSpy™.

Would You charge my card after I get the subscription?

mSpy™ may charge you automatically unless you turn off the automatic subscription renewal. Make sure to do it if you don’t want to prolongate your plan.

Do you offer a refund policy?

If you want to know how to get a refund, you can read the mSpy™ Refund Policy. However, you can place a refund request only by emailing their Billing Department: Nite that they won’t accept applications made via phone or chat. 

How many devices does a subscription cover?

One subscription covers one device. You need to purchase another subscription if you want to monitor more devices.

Can I change devices without changing the subscription?

No, you can’t do it. If you want to switch to another target device, you need to purchase an additional subscription. 

Is the tracking icon visible?

mSpy™ can work in a hidden mode so that a target person will be unaware of being monitored. But you can choose to leave the mSpy™ icon on their phone. Note that legally you can’t monitor anyone without their consent, except for your underage kids.

Where can I see the information from the device?

All data collected by mSpy™ is transferred to your user dashboard. You can access it anytime from any device as long as your subscription is active. Simply log in to your account and open your control panel to see all the collected data. 

Will I get a notification if the application is not installed?

To uninstall mSpy™, the customer will have instructions after he/she has done the purchase. If a target person attempts to remove the app from their device, you will be immediately notified about it in your Control Panel.

Can I upgrade to different versions of mSpy™ without reinstalling it?

Sure thing, you can change your subscription whenever you want. You don’t have to reinstall the app until you want to monitor another device. You can upgrade your pricing plan right from your mSpy™ dashboard. 

How long is data stored on your servers?

mSpy keeps the collected data for 3 months on its servers. 

Does mSpy™ only upload data that is in the English language?

As mSpy™ operates worldwide, it supports multiple languages. It also downloads any kind of data, no matter what language is used. It means that if a target person uses Spanish, mSpy™ will download their messages in this language. If they type in a search query in English, you will see their English texts. 

What if I need technical support?

It’s absolutely not a problem if you need help. mSpy™ offers three levels of customer support:

  • Free support. This is a basic free support service available 24/7 via email and live chat.
  • Support Priority Line. It’s personalized customer assistance that you can purchase optionally at a reasonable cost. mSpy™ support specialists will help you resolve any issues and smoothly guide you through the installation process. However, note that the service is non-refundable.
  • mAssistance. This is a special service that includes installing the mSpy™ app on your target device remotely using Team View. After you request and pay for the service, mSpy™ representatives will schedule an appointment and install the app for you.

Final Words: 

Whenever you need to spy on a phone or tablet that belongs to another person, you can rely on the mSpy™ monitoring tool. It allows viewing someone else’s online activities, such as calls, text messages, real-time GPS locations, and media files. 

What’s more, you can use a screen recorder to collect more interesting facts about a target person’s life, view the apps installed on their device, see their contact lists, and know more about their plans by browsing the upcoming calendar events. 

With its reasonable cost, compatibility, and wide range of features, mSpy™ seems a perfect solution for advanced user monitoring. 

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