OgyMogy Review | What you Need to Know

OgyMogy Review is the best way to give you a chance to select the best monitoring or spy app for any security issue. This Review elaborates on everything about this app that will be helpful for you. Let’s get started with what OgyMOgy is.

What is OgyMogy?

OgyMogy has been rated as a discreet spy app because it is hard to unveil to anyone. It has all the advanced features for better monitoring. It gives you such a tracking feature that can track their calls, texts, social media accounts, live location, and text messages, more. OgyMogy provides you with all its monitored data with a time stamp. It works in the Backend of the device, and it is an undetectable spy app. Parents can monitor their children’s activities and monitor them at any time. Employers can also monitor their employees in real time and ensure they are working according to their tasks.

Here we are going to discuss the complete OgyMOgy Reviews that will describe prices, installation process, features, customer support, and pros & cons.

OgyMogy Review of the Features

OgyMogy has an incredible collection of features you can access to its all features in no minute. It allows you to remotely control your phone and see all the data collected on the user web portal. You can also use other parental control applications that send a lot of data to the Dashboard, and you have to scroll for a long time to get the image or information you need. On the other hand, the app Dashboard is well-organized, and you will not face difficulty finding anything you need. It provides a comprehensive overview of all the relevant features on the main page, allowing you to click on any segment for further information.

OgyMogy has all the cutting-edge features that you need for monitoring. It can fulfill the monitoring needs that help keep your kids safe and monitor your employees during working hours.  

Check who your kids are talking to and texting with

It can display who your child is conversing with, as well as the time and length of the chat. You can also read or view SMS and MMS messages sent or received. It can also monitor messages transmitted over social media accounts and Conversations.

OgyMOgy review | Keylogger

The keylogger modifies the device keyboard and records everything entered, including deleted texts. These monitoring features can save your son from harmful online content, bullying, inappropriate speech, and much more. You don’t have to check the monitored data daily, but you’ll look at his internet activities when he does not speak or remain in his room.

Spy on anyone in stealth mode

It can work completely discreetly without telling the targeted person about any spying app operating on his device. When you install the app into your targeted device, it starts working in the backend. It monitors every data silently without giving any notification. You can hide or unhide the app notification when you install the app into your targeted device. Once you install the app into your targeted device, it will be impossible for the targeted person to find it. Anti-spyware cannot detect it.

Record every VoIP call

The call recording feature is one of its best features in it. When your targeted person dials or receives any call, OgyMogy will automatically start recording it and send it to your user web portal right after recording the call. It sends every recorded audio in a clear voice.

Screen Recorder

OgyMogy has this advanced feature of mobile screen recording. You can activate it through the user web portal and start a live recording of your targeted device. OgyMogy can send live short videos with a time stamp on the dashboard.

ScreenShots of Screen

Every time the screen changes, OgyMogy can take a screenshot and sends it with a timestamp, so you know when your kid was viewing it. With the screen recorder, you can see if your child is using a dating website so that you can block the URL. 

Block apps and keywords

OgyMogy will mention Every app on the target device in the Dashboard; if you don’t want to use it, you can completely block it.

Another instance of how OgyMogy helps you protect your son or business is the keyword tracking feature. You can choose the words or phrases you want the software to monitor. You’ll receive an email notification if the target person types it all in. You utilize this feature to verify that your kid is not involved in drugs or inappropriate activities.

Geofence and real-time location tracking

OgyMogy, the hidden spy app for android, uses the phone’s GPS, and you always know where your kid is at any particular time. Furthermore, the geofence feature allows you to make “safe zones” and “restricted zones.” The mobile phone tracking will notify you whenever your kid enters or exits the area. This feature enables you to ensure your kid gets to school on time and that if he says he’s going to a friend’s house, he goes there. It allows you to receive notifications through email or mobile devices and set an alert on the dashboard.

Track internet activities

It tracks the internet history and displays the name of the web page and a hyperlink to each site your kid has visited. You also have access to a comprehensive list of every bookmarked, which provides you with information about his favorite websites. You can establish a list of restricted URLs that will not load if he attempts to access them.

You can also make a keyword list and receive notifications anytime the target person looks for them. It also includes a browser history tracker, which allows you to observe which websites visit.

OgyMogy Review for Pricing

OgyMogy supports android, windows, and Mac devices for monitoring. So in this OgyMogy review, the prices of this app vary according to the cost and period of the service. OgyMogy provides three plans for monitoring one month, six months, and one year. You can select its plans according to your requirement for monitoring the device.

Pricing for Android

For monitoring the android phone, OgyMogy gives you its basic feature for $32/month. In this plan, you can use its basic feature for tracking the device. The second plan is for $90, and you can use this subscription for six months. For one year of monitoring, you can choose its extreme plan that gives you its advanced feature for $120.

Pricing for Windows & Mac

For windows monitoring, OgyMogy has three plans; basic, extreme, and standard plans. The basic plan allows you to access all its basic features for $15 for one month. For six months of monitoring, you can choose an extreme plan for $90. And the final plan is the standard plan that gives you one year of monitoring for $90.

OgyMogy Review of Customer support

OgyMogy gives you fast customer support. When you visit the website, a chat box will appear, and you can inquire if you need help. These usually are bots, but when you ask about any feature or problem, the response will come in no minute from an actual person who will address all your queries.

Pros and Cons of the OgyMogy


  • There are no problems with any of the features on Android versions
  • Quick installation process
  • Fast data uploading speed
  • User-friendly support
  • On all versions, the app icon is hidden.


  • It is not available for iPhone
  • Without physical access to your targeted device, you cannot install it remotely.

The installation process of the OgyMogy

Finally, In this OgyMogy review installation of the OgyMogy app into the target device, you must follow two simple steps that provide to its users.

  • The first step is selecting the subscription. You can choose the subscription according to your monitoring need.
  • In the second step, After purchasing the subscription, you can now download and install the app on the targeted device by following the on-screen instruction that provides to its users for an easy and quick installation process. You can activate the app by entering the activation code that will send to your given email address.

You will not need to recheck the target person’s device once the installation is complete. OgyMogy will upload all the information that you need on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is divided into different segments, making it simple to access the necessary information. You can then click on any segment, including screenshots, and URLs to websites, and check the keylogger to consider what they are typing on their Smartphone. Overall, It is a straightforward hidden spy app that gives you easy installation and monitoring, and you do not need to have prior technical skills to use its advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OgyMogy safe for tracking an android?

OgyMogy is well known hidden spy app for android that has been monitoring thousands of android phones. It does not have any bugs or malware, and its servers are entirely secured for monitoring.

Is it possible to install OgyMogy without telling the targeted person?

Yes, you can install the app without the knowledge of your targeted device. OgyMogy is a hidden spy app that you can monitor your target person’s every data in completely discreet mode. You need one-time access to the device, but once installed the app can be hidden and run in the background, so your target person will not idea it is operating on the device.

Can I limit how much time someone spends on their phone?

OgyMogy has this advanced feature of limiting the careen time of someone’s device screen. If your kids or employees use their cell phones or computer devices excessively, you can use the app to control screen timings. 

Does OgyMogy provide a free trial?

OgyMogy does not offer a free trial but provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can view all the demo videos on the OgyMogy website if you only want to check its interface and the type of monitoring data that the app uploads on the user web portal.

How can I monitor every data on my kid’s cell phone?

Parental control apps provide you with robust screen recording software that can show you everything your child is doing on his android phone. The monitoring features will keep you updated about every web history, conversation, call log, and other information.

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