Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Spying Technology

Frequently Asked Questions about Spying Technology

If spying technology does not give you the creeps nor makes you feel the slightest suspicious at the first sound of it, then there is a fairly good chance that you aren’t thinking it through as you should be. Whether you are a concerned parent of a bunch of rebellious and adventurous kids or an … Read more

Android spy app Features – Do You Know Tapping Someone’s Text Messages Can Save Their Life?

Android spy app Features

The technological revolution has completely changed are our lives. Kids are handed over mobile devices at a fairly early stage, and they succumb to issues that were not common in the past. According to different surveys conducted worldwide, suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers. The research also indicated that out of … Read more

Employee Spy – Is it Legal or Illegal?

Employee Spy

An employer usually does heavy investment on the company’s owned devices in order to meet the challenges of productivity. Putting such an effort by the employers may ruin the employees when they use the company’s owned equipment such as phones, tablets, pads, and windows, and MAC for their personal use rather than for assigned tasks. … Read more