Top Skills Required Becoming a Big Data Developer in 2021

Big Data developers and analysts have come out to be the most in-demand profession in the world. It has garnered immense popularity and carved a space for it. Businesses rely heavily on Big Data and Data Science technologies to make strategic decisions. Big Data developers are in demand and here we will enlist some of the top skills to become a big data developer or hire Big Data developers having those skills.

There has been an increase in tools for Big Data technologies and it has become the answer to analyzing and using Big Data for information. Companies rely on Big data to survive the market competition and therefore need Big Data engineers.

List of Top Skills Required to Become a Big Data developer:

1.  Analytical skills:

Analytical skills are the most useful skills in Big Data. To dissect complex data, one should have the right mix of mathematical and other science skills to make it big in Big Data. Analytics tools can help one learn the analytical skills needed for a Big Data developer to solve complex problems.

2. Programming skills:

Knowledge of programming languages like Scala, C, Python, Java and etc are added advantages to Big Data developer experts. The demand for experts with data analytics skills is quite high. To become an expert, one should have knowledge of programming languages as well as Quantitative and statistical codes. They should have the skills required to sort data types and algorithms. Data-based skills are required to sort volumes of data of different types and these analytical and technical skills help with that.

3. Problem-solving skills:

Big Data requires problem-solving skills as it is a problem in itself. It consists of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data that needs to be analyzed, processed, and store to extract useful information that in turn can be used by businesses to make strategic business decisions. If you possess problem-solving skills then you can easily thrive in the Big Data industry. It incorporates creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that will allow you to come up with unconventional and innovative solutions to complex problems. This is one of the most valued and required skills in Big Data developers in 2021.

4. Business domain fimilairty:

Information and insights are extracted from massive datasets with the use of Big Data tools. Big Data developers and professionals should be familiar with the role of business domains pertaining to analytics. It is important to understand the business domain they are getting the data from. Hire Big Data developers that are familiar with business domains in addition to Big Data tools.

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5. Data visualization skills:

If you’re a newbie and want to learn skills to become a Big Data expert then you should learn data visualization. It helps you present data in a way that translates its specific meaning and thus visualization skills are important for this field. Big Data tools have data visualization learning options and one can start from there. It enhances your creative and imaginative side and the ability to interpret data visually.

6. Learn SQL:

Structured Query language (SQL) serves as a foundation for Big Data. This is a data-centered language and therefore is important for aspiring data scientists. It will help Big Data developers while working on Big Data technologies like NoSQL.

7. Data Mining skills:

While you are learning other skills, it is important to learn data mining skills as they are high in demand and can create many career opportunities for you. Professionals should consult topmost data mining tools such as KNIME, Apache Mahout, and others to learn data mining.

8. Know-how of technologies:

Aspiring and Big Data experts should get the knowledge of different technologies and tools used by Big Data. The technologies are constantly evolving and experts need to keep themselves updated to thrive in the field. Big Data companies will hire developers that follow the trending technologies and are up to date. In this digitalized age, if you aren’t keeping up with the evolving and new technologies then you won’t have the information you need. Knowledge of numerous tools like Scala, Hadoop, Linux, MatLab, R, SAS, SQL, Excel, SPSS can increase your career options.

9. Hands-on experience:

Knowledge of something and the experience that come from working on it are two very different things. Experience provides you with an understanding of practicalities and challenges that can arise at any moment. It helps you build your communication skills and tools to handle difficult situations. Aspiring Big Data professionals should opt for short courses, internships, and other positions to avail hands-on experience about how the industry works. It will keep you on your toes and updated with newer technologies to help you learn and grow.

10. NoSQL:

Organizations are generating massive amounts of data today and it is beyond our imagination to conceptualize the enormous amount of data. Traditional databases are rendered useless and incapable of handling such massive datasets.

The NoSQL databases like Hbase, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, etc have proved to be an alternative to the traditional datasets. These are capable of storing and managing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. A professional with expertise in NoSQL will be able to keep up with the industry.

Why should you choose Big Data as a career path:

Big Data is the future as technological advancements will keep on developing and the world will become more digitalized. There will always be a need for Big Data Developers to gather, process, analyze and store data to extract useful information from it for organizations and big corporations. This is the future that will reward anyone who will pursue it with dedication and commitment. It has taken the center stage of IT and will only grow in the future. It will help you in becoming an irreplaceable asset and secure your future.

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