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IMO Spy App to Protect Kids from Cyber Predators

The widespread adoption of the internet and mobile phones has intensified the dedication of the young generation towards social media and instant messenger apps. As per the latest statistics, the kids between the age of 8 and 12 spend around 6 hours a day on social media whereas kids between the ages of 13 and 17 spend more than nine hours a day on online platforms. While social media and communication apps connect people across the world, these platforms also hold numerous vulnerabilities such as cyber-bullying, child predation and scamming. More than 80 percent of child manipulation cases are planned via social networking and online sources from where the cyber predators gather and manipulate the information about the victim.

Who are Cyber Predators?

The online predators are adult users of the internet technologies who pose to be minors or teenagers. They contact the underage children and try to develop a relationship with them and use that relationship to exploit kids for sexual purposes. The kids who are mentally disturbed, depressed and isolated are more likely to be a victim of the cyber predators.

How Cyber Predators Trap Children?


The child molesters use social networking sites, instant messengers, chat-rooms, blogs, emails and online gaming sites to contact teens and tweens. The Social Messaging Apps provides information regarding kids’ activities, their interests, and whereabouts. The predators use this information to trap their target. They lure the kids with sweet talk, courtesy, attention, and gifts. When the target gets attached to the predators, they start adding sexual stuff to the conversation. They share sexually explicit photos and videos showing kids involved in sexual activities. When the kid gets trapped, they exploit them for sexual purposes. If the kid tries to end the relationship with the predator and cut off communication, they blackmail the target and force him/her to continue tolerating sexual abuse.

How IMO Messenger Facilitate Cyber Predators?

IMO is an instant messaging app that allows users to transmit text messages; exchange photos, videos, and audios, and make audio and video one-on-one and group calls. The app allows the user to remain anonymous because it only seeks the phone number of the user to use the instant messaging app. Any IMO user can find another IMO user with the phone number and send messages. The app is being used by predators, bullies, pedophiles and online criminals who use the app to send threatening messages, make irritating calls and sending objectionable and explicit photos. The app does not provide any way to prevent someone having your phone number from finding you on IMO.

How IMO Spy App Protect Kids from Predators?

Monitoring and spy applications allow parents to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of their kids. You can track the messages of your children and listen to their calls without accessing their phones. Meanwhile, you can detect whom your kids are in contact with in the real and cyber world. All this becomes possible with a cell phone spy app. By installing the app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can remotely track their messages, social media and instant messaging conversations, call logs, contacts, and emails among others.

While there are scores of cell phone spy apps rightly available, TheOneSpy parental control monitoring software is found to be a reliable and advanced application to track Android phones and iPhones of children. The app allows spying on the instant messaging and social media apps including IMO, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Telegram, Hike, Snapchat, Facebook and Yahoo Messenger. The IMO Spy app enables parents to read the messages of their children, monitor the photos, videos and audios received and sent by their kids and track their audio and video calls. All this information helps parents to ensure that their kids are not being trapped by the cyber predators or the scoundrels in the online world. Similarly, the spy app enables parents to monitor and record their kids’ activities performed on other social media and instant messaging platforms.

Moreover, the mobile phone monitoring software allows parents to track the emails of their kids and monitor the online accounts of their children operated on the monitored mobile phone devices. This helps them to safeguard their kids from the threats in the online and cyber world.

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