How Angular JS Can Be Helpful In Your Web Development Project?

Angular JS Can Be Helpful In Your Web Development Project

Web development is a lucrative field. There are several projects that are built as a website. As per recent studies, there are more than 876 million websites in the world and the number is still growing. There are several technologies that are responsible for the web development success and one name that gets repeated a lot is Angular JS.

Angular JS is a structural JavaScript framework that is developed by Google that enables developers with every tool that they need to develop the front-end of a website and simplify the development process. Angular JS was invented in 2009, after which the industry of websites has grown ever since. As Angular JS is open source it uses the basic level development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Even with such potential, JavaScript is doubted by developers and designers equally. It is true that there are other top JavaScript frameworks that are much advanced as Angular, but the reliability that Angular JS provides is unparalleled. Here are some of the benefits that Angular JS provides to the developers and designers.

MVC Architecture

Angular JS uses MVC architecture for web application development. MVC stands for a model view controller, that maintains the data and the display of data and it eventually acts as a mediator between data and data display. Where most of the framework only develops mobile applications, Angular JS splits them into MVC architecture. Thus it gives the developers an application that is efficient.

Vivid UI

The UI design of the website is really important for a website. It is a vital factor in attracting new users to your website. With the help of Angular JS, the design of the website will be designed with less effort. As the Angular JS uses HTML, it eliminates all the complexities in the codes. This gives the developers a website with an interactive design that is tuned for high-functionality and user-friendliness.

Lightweight codes

Angular JS is known for its compact codes and lightweight applications. It uses a declarative paradigm for developing a lightweight application. And since it is lightweight the codes are easy to read and can be easily altered and updated if required. The reason that Angular JS is lightweight is that of the use of HTML and JavaScript that also gives an interactive, responsive, and simple web application.

Two-way data binding

Angular JS uses two-way data binding that gives the real-time update of the data and data display. When the framework sees any browser events, module change or user action on any page, it immediately updates the necessary patterns. The data result is described with model state terms and there is no need for low-level construction. This, in turn, gives the users an efficient application.

SPA-oriented features

SPA stands for single page application and Angular JS can support SPA. Angular JS provides validation capabilities. You can create your own validation and can show error messages for the whole form page or for a single separate field. It also notes down the data that is written in the form using the FormController with which the behaviour of the HTML elements in the UI can be changed. Hence, Angular JS can extremely be helpful for validation on a page.

Ease of testing

The application that is written in the Angular JS is obviously light-weight so the testing of the application can be easy. As there are fewer codes in the program the debugging of the web app can be done with ease. Module separation helps you to load only necessary services and effectively perform the test.

These are some of the qualities and benefits that Angular JS possesses. This framework has a great potential that can be used to build efficient applications. If you don’t develop your web application then make sure that your development partner uses Angular JS for development. There are many prominent companies of web development in Melbourne (Australia), Bengaluru (India), and San Francisco (USA) that uses Angular JS for web development.

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