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10 tools to create mobile apps without knowing how to program in 2018

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Today, who does not have a smartphone? The market for mobile applications is booming and is growing year after year.  Large companies and institutions are increasingly betting on this market of apps, due to its infinite possibilities, offering users their own applications that are usually programmed “ad hoc “. Some are informative, others are used to download discount coupons and others, on the other hand, work as entertainment and leisure games.

Do you wonder how you could have an application for your business without knowing how to program or have to invest too much money? Keep reading…

  • Mobile applications, a booming market

Traffic from mobile devices continues to grow, its growth is not only constant, but it increases vertiginously year after year, especially in developing countries, but also in more developed countries. Therefore, every day more companies find opportunities in the apps market, to try to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this recent booming market.

In recent times,   some startups have created tools for you to create your own app without programming, opening the possibility for people without programming knowledge to create mobile applications easily and quickly.   In this TOP 10, we present the best that there is today in the market.

  • Tu-app is a Spanish startup that is hitting hard this last year. It offers a powerful software to create highly customizable and very professional Apps that allow you to create apps intuitively and without the need for technical programming skills.

It is an App Builder with a very clear and simple interface with which you can create native Apps for Android and IOS simultaneously, with a design 100% customizable and adaptable to all needs.

A differentiating feature and what makes us fall in love with this Apps builder, is the complete management panel that allows you to manage orders, reservations, online store, geolocated push notifications and much more, in a centralized way, to have everything under control.

With this technology have been created worldwide + 500,000 Apps on Android and IOS which speaks of the great interest that is awakening this sector.

They have different professional plans, which allow unlimited apps to be created and are a totally white label, perfect to be able to set up a profitable business related to mobile applications.

  • Infinite Monkeys

Infinite Monkeys is a tool for creating mobile applications for iPhone, Android and HTML5 for free with a variety of templates or you can create through iPhone app development services and options that you can add to your app with the simple drag of a button. In its free version include contextual advertising and for 1 dollar a month you have no ads. It also has its app market where other users can download the applications created with their tool.

  • Mobapp Creator

It is a platform designed to create simple mobile applications for SMEs. It is a very useful tool. In a matter of minutes, you will have your business application ready to install in the iOS and Android stores. Although it is ideal for those who do not know how to program, it seems a little expensive compared to other tools.

  • Application

Although it has a free trial version, its minimum price is 4.95 euros per month. With it, you can c rear attractive applications of your business with rising to the markets of Apple Store and Google Play. They also offer the possibility of developing an app that suits you.

Here you can see a tutorial on how to make your business app:

  • Good Barber

With similar features, this tool takes care of the final design of the apps, being able to customize every detail of your application. It has quite affordable prices, its cheapest package is at € 16 a month. In four steps you will have your app ready to upload to the markets of iOS and Android.

  • Yapp

It is promoted as a free tool although some premium options are paid. Designed for a wide variety of businesses and sectors, it has been used by such renowned media as Huffington Post, ABC News or The New York Times. It has templates that you can modify and add modules and sections at your whim.

  • How

Of similar benefits to Good Baber, it is very simple and intuitive to use. You can add pages to your app and new items just by dragging with the mouse. The upload to the Apple Store and Google Play is instantaneous. We are not convinced by their rates, which are somewhat high compared to Yapp or Application.

  • Octopus App

It reminds us of the previous application “Como” although of Spanish origin and with more economic plans. More than 97,000 applications created with Octopus App have made it quite recognized in the market. The most interesting thing about this tool is that you can integrate your online store in your app, and any changes you make to your website (products, prices …) you will also see in your app.

  • Instant App Builder

It is ideal to create applications for hotels, restaurants, pubs and different locations. It is very easy to use although it does not offer too much variety in its templates. You will have all the information of your business in a simple drop-down menu. To know their rates you will have to fill out a form since they are not too transparent about it.

  • Let it Guide

This tool does not allow too much flexibility in terms of content and modules to add to your app, but the essentials such as: customize the appearance, alert your users with Push (notifications) , links to social networks, content RSS, comments, google maps, panoramic (within virtual reality)

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