5 best drinking games for Android

5 best drinking games for Android

Humans being love drinking. The act is as old as the dawn of civilization itself – OK, maybe not but it is still the very old tradition. In the age of technology, there are some apps that can help you enjoy the process in a different way.

If you want to expedite the drinking process, make sure you download some of these apps. Some of these games are quite popular in offline mode – but digital is faster, easier and better. If you are out partying with your friends, these drinking games can provide a lot of entertainment and can keep you away from doing silly things like calling your ex while drunk.

Conventionally, one wouldn’t play drinking games on an electronic device. Somehow the two don’t mix, right? Wrong – we will change your entire perception of drinking with friends today.

It makes great sense to play drinking games on your smartphone. It is almost certain that wherever you are drinking you will have your cell phone with you – so let’s maximize the “productivity”.

So relax and enjoy these amazing drinking apps.

Drink and Tell

Drink and Tell

Drink and Tell is a new drinking game, launched very recently by It is a multiplayer game. You can also play it alone which is not recommended at all since it kills the whole purpose. The game works by asking you a question and it asks everyone the same question. The answer is kept secret. At the end of the round who answered wrong will have to drink.

The user interface is modern and fun. It is overall a convenient game to play and have a lot of fun. The app is light and fast, just the kind of thing you’d need when binge drinking with your mates. The free version has advertisements and that is the only negative thing about the app.

Price: Free / Up to $4.49

Drinking Game Machine

Drinking Game Machine

Drinking Game Machine is a great app. It offers a lot of drinking games. The best part: it is completely free. Some of the games that the app offers are: quiz game, tug-of-war, reaction games, card games and some more.

There are advertisements in Drinking Game Machine but you can turn it off after playing it a few times. The game is a lot of fun and it lets you drink a lot. The best part about Drinking Game Machine is that it is very challenging and keeps your interest checked.

Price: Free

Game of Shots

Game of Shots is an outstanding game. The app features various drinking games that are famous and you have probably heard of them. The games featured include Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare – very simple, very straightforward. Each game has its own instructional menu so you can play old games in new ways. If you have played some of these games “offline”, Game of Shots is sure to bring a lot of memories of the simpler non-digital days.

The app is completely free but contains advertisements – fair enough, yeah?


Kings is a famous drinking game known worldwide, some people call it Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, or King’s Cup. Let’s see its digital version now. The app has standard rules that you probably know already. You can customize them if you want. Unlimited players can play this game.

The app is simple and that’s the beauty of it. The free version has advertisement. With a weekly $1 you can remove them for good. So even though the app is paid, it is practically free. The charge is almost unnoticeable.

Price: Free / $1.00


Seven is a drinking game that also features cards. The app has more than 400 cards. Each card is a task in itself that players have to complete. You can develop your own custom cards as well. This feature effectively means that you can completely customize the app and play the game your way – options are limitless.  There are different game modes and the unlimited number of players can play this game.

There is a free version with ads and the paid version is ridiculously cheap at $0.99. We gave you a lifetime app for $1.00 in the above entry but guess what, you can go cheaper than that.

Price: Free / $0.99

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