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Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

Employees Monitoring

Office staff should be disciplined, dedicated and hard work in order to generate revenue. It does not matter if anyone is running the business on a large or small scale, employers have to keep an eye on their employee’s activities within the working hours whether they are working within the premises of the company or they are working outside. Supervision of the employee’s performance is necessary and they will give you the results you would not believe.

Therefore, the phenomenon of employee monitoring has been on the rise, since the technology has penetrated in every walk of life. Now, employers have to invest a lot in the company’s owned gadgets and devices. Technology in the shape of cell phones and computer devices has taken the business to the next level.

Employers have to provide employees cell phones, tablets, pads and computer devices to deal with the clients online and to perform plenty of digital operations for the promotion of the company’s product and to do the number of researched based tasks to boos up the business to the fullest. However, bosses, these days have to use the employee monitoring software in order to keep a check on balance on the employee’s activities to the fullest.

Why to use Employee monitoring software in office?

There are plenty of things within the office an employer need to keep eyes and ears open. Let’s discuss the main points, take a look at the following.

Check the quality of customer service representative

Employers need to know about the performance of customer service representative. It will enable you to know how your employee is dealing with your clients. If they are not serving well, you can take action against your lazy employees.

Observe employees skills secretly

You have to keep an eye on the skills of your employees they have got through their entire carrier. Let’s suppose if your employees are lacking some sort of skills, you can further guide them or put them into the training for a while for better performance.

Make sure staff has reasonable chemistry

It is employer’s job to know the working cooperation between the employees within the office. You can get to know if there something a kind of conspiracy or if someone is doing things that are pressurizing to the particular employees. Track Emails and Internet usage

Prevent illegal & undesirable conducts

You can get to know the illegal activity on the company’s owned devices such as data breaching, or they have done a kind of human error that can lead a company to the cyber-attack such as hanging up with malicious malware or link.

View staff activities on company’s owned devices

Employers should get to know about each and every single activity they perform on company’s owned gadgets such as cell phones, tablet and pads and further on computer devices such as windows and MAC.

Record staff cell phone logs

You should record all the cell phone calls logs within the working hours in order to know to whom employees are talking within the working hours through cell phone gadgets provided by the company.

Read Staff emails

Email monitoring has become essential for any business organization on company’s owned machines and gadgets. This will let an employer know what sort of email the employees have sent or received.

Examine logs of the website visited

Browsing history needs to be checked on the regular basis of company’s owned devices. It happened most of the time that employees used such websites that don’t have a link to the assigned tasks. Employees do activities that are time wasting and the productivity of the company start declining.

Track Employees Company’s owned vehicles

There are some employees that are deployed on supplies and they don’t reach the target point at the time. So, employers have to track the company’s owned vehicles GPS location.

How to get employee monitoring software?

monitoring software

All of the above-mentioned activities are possible with the employee spying software. Therefore, you have to subscribe to the cell phone and computer monitoring software. You will get the credentials and then installed it on the company’s owned devices. Use the credentials and get access to the employee monitoring software online control panel. Once you have to get the access you will be able to do all the above-mentioned activities to the fullest.

Use Employee monitoring software tools

You can use secret call recorder of the cell phone spy app in order to listen and record all the calls of the customer care representative. Furthermore, you can use computer monitoring app and can get access to the emails with a keylogger. It will provide you keystrokes applied to the target MAC computer device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes. The user can use the keystrokes and can get access to the emails of Gmail. However, employee monitoring software enables a user to track GPS location of the target vehicle with GPS location tracker of the cell phone surveillance app. You can install the phone spy app on the target employee’s smartphone that is dealing with supplies. It will provide you the current and exact location of the target vehicle and location history. Moreover, a user can check browsing history of the target cell phone and view bookmarked websites and visited websites. Employee monitoring software is capable of spying on company’s owned MAC and windows devices. The user can use it and use screen recording and get to know each and every single activity happen on the machine along with the complete time stamp. Furthermore, the user can use on-demand screenshots of the Windows monitoring app. It will empower the user to get to know the activities happen on the target device. However, a user can also use MIC bug app of the employee monitoring software for MAC machines. It will enable you to listen and record the surround sounds and Voices of the employees in your absence.


Employee monitoring software is the ultimate, efficient, accurate and reliable tool to keep an eye on office staff.

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