Top 03 tools you need to protect your digital property

Consider that you have purchased a villa. How would you prove that it belongs to you and not someone else? Every constructed property has a set of papers that prove that it belongs to you. In the case of digital property, protection becomes harder. To start with, you need to check whether there is an infringement of digital property or not. How can this be determined? This question has a very simple answer.

Through a reverse image search, you can figure out the online platforms on which an image has been uploaded. Image owners use it to determine and prevent misuse of their snapshots. Image plagiarism is a serious problem due to which a lot of owners face problems. All their hard work goes down the drain because visitors visit the illegitimate websites and the original ones do not get any traffic

Are you using the correct reverse image search tool?

It is important to use the correct tool for performing a reverse image search. Trusting any tool randomly is not the best way out. The purpose of reverse image search is to determine the websites on which your owned picture has been uploaded in an illegitimate manner. A lot of tools do not provide a list of all websites on which the image has been uploaded. This can prove to be a problem for image owners. It is important to use the correct tools so that accurate reverse image search results are attained.

Here are the three reverse image search tools which can be used to get the best results.

1. Prepostseo Photo Lookup

When you talk about the best reverse image search tools, Prepostseo is one of the finest options you can get your hands on.

  An online tool with no hassle

Handling offline tools can be a big hassle for users. The biggest problem is that you cannot use them instantly. A proper installation process has to be completed before users start using the tool. Users face inconveniences when they are unable to execute the setup file and install the tool. This tool is used online so the user can start off without going through any installations.

  • To use this reverse image search tool, no applications have to be installed before you start using it. If you have internet connectivity, it can be used instantly by opening the link.

Convenient Interface

Easy tools are preferred by users because one does not need time to learn them. As compared to other reverse image search tools, this one is easier and you can start using it even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. To perform a reverse image search for a picture, you need to begin by uploading the image. If you have the image URL, enter it or upload it as a file.

Free access to the tool is offered

Paid reverse image search tools are quite expensive and users simply do not like paying these high costs.  As this tool is free, no costs have to be paid at all. Bloggers have to perform several reverse image searches so that they can include original images in the blogs. However, using a paid tool is not a cost-effective option. As this tool is 100% free, users can use it without any kind of apprehension.


It is an economical alternative to locate a free reverse image search tool. The user does not have to pay anything for any feature. Getting a free tool is good but there is no point in using it if the quality is not up to the mark.  To begin with, this tool is 100% free so users do not have to spend money on anything. The main plus point is the quality level this tool puts on the table for the users. In terms of quality, this reverse image search option is commendable.

  • Image owners find this tool helpful because it helps them in protecting digital hard work. Consider that you have uploaded an image on your business website but there is no traffic coming your way. This does happen when the same image has been uploaded on multiple websites. Image Plagiarism is a major problem and several image owners get affected due to it. If you are using this reverse image search application, timely prevention of image plagiarism can be done. Simply upload the image and see whether any other link has it or not.

Protect your image reputation

Would you get good traffic on your website if one of the images has been uploaded on a scam portal? The answer to this question is no. These illegitimate websites do not have a good reputation so when an image is uploaded on them, it loses its reputation as well. In other words, the reputation of your website would be tarnished.

3. Google Lens

The reverse image search feature of Google is a smart alternative to protect original images. The process of performing a reverse image search is simple as well.

The reverse image search process

There is no need to perform any complicated steps when you are using this tool. Simply search for the required image and click it to open in full view. After that, keep the image clicked until the option “search for Google” appears on the screen. Click that option to view all the appearances of the image. These would also include related images.

Summing it all up

Reverse image search is a good alternative to prevent images from being misused. A designer or creative professional puts in a lot of time to come up with a good image. When it gets misused by being uploaded on a scam website, the image owner faces a lot of damage. Thus, by using a reverse image tool, he can prevent this activity on time.

These tools are mostly free but getting your hands on the correct one is critical. The three mentioned above stand out and are better than other similar applications on the internet.

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