TheOneSpy Review [2022]: Is it the Best Mobile & PC Spy Software?

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TheOneSpy Review Rundown

Features provided for Android Tracker

Review of Features of iPhone Tracker

Review of TheOneSpy Windows Features

Review of MAC Features

TOS: Pros and Cons

TheOneSpy installation guide

Cell phones and computer devices are everywhere these days. People depend on Digital devices have made people dependent on no time ever before. People are trying to monitor and spy cell phones, tablets, computing laptops, and desktop devices for digital parenting and employee monitoring. It encourages parents to keep an eye on the unsuitable movements of kids on cell phones and PCs. Employers can too utilize it for business protection by preventing business-owned mobile and laptop desktop computer devices.

Today, we will do a TheOneSpy review based on exclusive features, products, price, pros, and cons that helps you protect your loved ones.

What is the TheOneSpy app and How is different from other spy apps?

TheOneSpy is a novel smart-home monitoring system for guardians and seniors. TheOneSpy enables users to access the target device remotely. It can do reporting about every activity performed on the targeted machine. Parents can use it to follow the movements of teens & kids to guard them against digital hazards, and it keeps you updated on what teens are up with timestamps. Employers can also use this powerful app to safeguard business secrets and data. TOS provides you with complete access to your targeted device without technical issues. It always supports you for the online protection of your loved one.

Is TheOneSpy costly as compared to other spy apps?

It is not expensive for users. It offers you an affordable price package that no other does.

TheOneSpy Review Rundown

TheOneSpy is work with all android, mac, iPhones, tablets, and windows with a user-friendly feature list. Here we are going to discuss all the provided versions of features that TheOneSpy offers in the spy industry. You can also remotely check by using below your demanding version.

CompatibilityiOS {11.2 to latest iOS Version (Jailbreak required)}
Android (4.4.2 to android 12)
Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10. x.x)
Mac (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac)
(Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave, Catalina)
Pricing & PackagesAndroid
TOS Xlite Edition:
$25/mo*, Monthly Payment
$15/mo* Quarterly Payment
$5.41/mo* Yearly Payment
TOS Premium Edition:
$40/mo*, Monthly Payment
$20/mo* Quarterly Payment
$7.91/mo* Yearly Payment
Mac & iPhone Monitoring (Premium Edition)
One month_ $55
Three months_ $105
Six months_ $125
Annual_ $165
Windows (Premium Edition)
One month_ $40
Three months_ $60
Six months_ $80
Annual_ $110
# of devicesAndroid Monitoring: 1 device
iPhone Monitoring: 1 device
Tablet Monitoring: 1 device
Windows Monitoring: 1 device
Mac Monitoring: 1 device
Free trialNo
Location trackingYes
Social media tracking without ROOTINGYes ( WhatsApp, FaceBook, Snapchat, etc. )
 Remote capabilitiesYes

Review of TheOneSpy App Features

Here We are going to give you a TheOneSpy best features review that can help you to make a decision before buying its license.

You can also check all the features of TheOneSpy using the Demo page.

TheOneSpy Reviews: Feature for Mobiles

TheOneSpy is a remarkable and genuine mobile phone tracking app that delivers complete access to the targeted phone. It makes sure you about the activated action on that phone going to spy. TheOneSpy supports all android and iOs devices with one installation. You can get monitoring results through the web control panel of TOS.

TheOneSpy has provided a variety of user-friendly features for android devices. It gives you a lot of features for android devices that no other app offers. TheOneSpy is the only app that launches a live camera video and surrounds a recording app for android phones for the first time. Compared to android, it has a limited feature list for iOs devices.

Features provided for Android Tracker

TheOneSpy Android Spying Features Review

Spy 360 live surround listening

The spy 360 live surrounding enables you to listen. Its hidden microphone remotely controls the device Mic and provides live listening in real-time.

Spy 360 camera streaming

The user enables to view the surrounding of the targeted device. It controls the front and back camera of the targeted device. It allows one to view the activities and listen to the voice in real-time.

Read Text messages & conversations

You can track text messages sent/received on android mobile by using the SMS spy feature. You can read the text conversations remotely to know what the target user is talking about.

Record & listen to live calls

A cellphone tracker is used to record phone calls using a call recording feature for android mobiles. You can save the call data for digital parenting or workplace surveillance to deal with kids responding to strangers’ calls and employees’ calls during working hours.

Keystrokes loggers

You can all types of applied keys of the targeted phone like passwords, messages, SMS, or email easily can spy.

Monitor social apps

TheOneSpy allows you to spy on 15+ these social media apps ( Snapchat, WhatsApp, IMO, Telegram, Twitter, Zalo, WeChat, Spy FaceBook, Kik, Line, Skype, Tumblr, Viber, Bigo, Hike, Vine ). You can spy on the social media app logs, text messages, shared media, voice calls, and voice messages.

Record live screen

You can record an android device screen by using the screen recorder feature. You can record short videos of the screen and send the recorded videos to the dashboard. You can record the video clips of the target device and the conversation of the target device.

GPS Tracker

You can track the live GPS location of your target device, and you can track location history and make restricted places virtually on the MAP for your employees and children.

Track internet history

Now Parents and employers can come to know about internet activities. Parents check to view if a child is watching adult websites. Employers can understand what websites employees used to visit during working hours on company-owned devices.

TheOneSpy Review: Features of iPhone Tracker

Call logs

Users can get access to the iPhone call logs and track the incoming/outgoing calls of the targeted device and secretly know their conversation with the schedule.


You can monitor send and receive text messages from your targeted device by the iPhone spy app of TheOneSpy app.


You can spy iMessages with the jailbreak of the iPhone and then monitor the activities.

Device info

Through it, you can access the device info and know about it. You can come to see the device name, IMEI number, and many more.


Now users can know the phone appointment with this app and learn about time zone location with the timestamp.


You can monitor WhatsApp messages and calls of iOs devices and know their all activities. With this feature, you can understand WhatsApp chats, calls, and sharing files.


Users can spy on the contact list saved on a targeted iPhone. You can know all saved numbers and even add or delete any contact number.

Install apps

With the jailbreak of the iPhone, you can check all installed apps on your targeted device and spy on their activities.

Notes & Browsing history features are updated in the next version updates.

TOS Computer Monitoring Software Review

TOS Computer Monitoring Software Review

The TheOneSpy app is one of the best computer tracking apps in current times. It can perform remote surveillance on laptop and desktop computer devices. It works on two operating systems, windows and mac. It was designed to monitor business computers to keep an eye on the workforce during working hours to estimate productivity and ensure business safety. However, you can use it to set parental control on kids’ devices.

Now we will review on TheOneSpy windows and mac monitoring software for laptop and PC devices in the following.

Review of TheOneSpy Windows Features

There is the following feature that enables you to track windows operating PCs and laptop devices.

Windows browsing history

Users can monitor the default and installed web browsers on windows PC and they can learn about the websites and bookmarked pages visited on the web.

Email tracking

Users can read the emails sent/received in real-time by using an email monitoring app, and you can get to know about the attachments.

Surround Recording

You can operate the windows laptop microphone remotely and listen to the surrounding conversations via an online dashboard.

On-Demand screenshots

Users can capture screenshots on the windows screen to know what the target device user is doing on the windows screen.

Windows GPS location

The particular feature enables you to track the GPS location of the windows laptop device you have lost, or someone has stolen from you virtually on the Map.

On-Demand Screen Recording

Users can use this feature on their demand in TOS windows and all other devices.

TheOneSpy review on MAC Features

It is one of the few monitoring software capable of tracking mac laptops and desktop devices, so TheOneSpy is one of them. It is packed with dozens of powerful surveillance features that you cannot find in any other spying software. Let’s have a TheOneSpy mac monitoring app review in the following.

Mic bug

It is a great feature that allows you to spy on the Mic and enable you to listen to all conversations around the mac device.

Camera bug

Camera bugs allow you to know the person is on the laptop. You can view them by spying on the device’s camera and understand them even if you can take images through them.

Sync Settings

Mac monitoring app allows you to turn the ON and OFF buttons from the TheOneSpy Dashboard, whenever you want you can remotely turn ON and OFF the button using the sync settings feature.


You can capture screenshots on a mac device and come to know what the mac device user is doing on the screen.

Website blocking

You can block websites you want to for parenting and employee monitoring purposes remotely via the dashboard.

TheOneSpy Review: Pros and Cons


  • TheOneSpy is the best app for parenting, business safety, and enhancing work productivity.
  • Android versions all features work well.
  • It has a hidden app icon on all OS versions (4.4.2 to android 12).
  • TheOneSpy is one of the top 3 reasonable with best result apps.
  • It supports iOS 11.2 to the latest iOS Version (Jailbreak required).
  • It Works secretly and discovers the target smartphone & computer devices.
  • Unique features that serve without root on the android cell phone.
  • Best for remote monitoring on any targeted mobile phone device.
  • It has an easy installation process.
  • It is the most affordable and effective spy app that provides authentic results.
  • It can monitor/spy on social media and all apps without rooting the device even FaceBook and WhatsApp.


  • You cannot install it remotely on your targeted device without physical access.
  • It has limited features for iPhone.

TheOneSpy installation guide

TheOneSpy takes a few minutes to install the app into your targeted device.

  • First, you have to visit the official website of the TheOneSpy app and get complete knowledge about the software.
  • Then subscribe to the targeted app for further proceeding.
  • Now choose the price package according to your need and demand.
  • You can receive an official email with credentials for login on the dashboard.
  • Now you can get physical access to the targeted device for installing the app into it.
  • Users can get access to the dashboard of TOS for getting the spying results.


We have done a TheOneSpy review –in which we have discussed its programs, best mobile monitoring, and computer monitoring software. You will learn about the features, price packages, pros, cons, and installation review to the fullest. If we lose something in review so you can let us know to mail us. We will help you get a better answer to your query.

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